SSRS Subscribe Action and SharePoint Permissions

For SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports there is the ability to create subscriptions. Subscriptions can be scheduled to run on a certain schedule to send emails, export reports to SharePoint document libraries, or save to windows file shares.

Depending on your requirement, you may need to grant or remove access to the subscribe action and can be managed by creating or editing the default SharePoint roles: Read, Contribute, Full Control, etc.

Using JsRender to create SOAP Envelopes

I am working on a small query tool that will be used to make AJAX calls against SharePoint’s Enterprise Search Query Web Service. Previously, I created the SOAP messages by appending a gigantic series of strings together. In this iteration, I wanted to use JsRender (my template engine of choice right now and the successor to jQuery templates).

Workspace permissions and Project.QueuePublish

Imagine you work for a large company that uses Microsoft Project Server. Since you have many employees, having MSP sync individual permissions for every user to every site is simply not scalable. Instead, you’d like to use some Active Directory groups that are already set up to manage permissions in the workspace.

So you disable the workspace permissions sync in PWA:

  1. Navigate to PWA
  2. Click Server Settings
  3. Click Project Workspace Provisioning Settings
  4. Validate that the “Workspace Permissions” checkbox is unchecked

Microsoft Project Server Workspace Permissions

Then, perhaps you write some code that is wrapped up in a nice SharePoint feature to manage setting up the permissions yourself. Everything works great….

… until you start getting reports that some user’s permissions aren’t quite right for some project sites.

Web services, XmlNode, and XPATH

I was writing a little web services app to help delete individual permissions from a site and thought about trying XPATH on the result to get what I needed. I had some trouble so thought I’d put together a small example for later reference.

SPUtility.js 0.8 and beyond!

Quick update to SPUtility.js today! I’ve added support for rich text fields, unchecking multi-select checkboxes, and choice fields with fill-in values. I also have some thoughts on future SPUtility.js updates.

SPUtility 0.5 Released!

Version 0.5 of SPUtility.js has been released onto the codeplex site! Go check it out!

Customizing EditForm.aspx in a Publishing site

After recently doing a lot of work heavily customizing NewForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx for a SharePoint list, I ran into a major issue after I moved my list into a publishing site. The issue appeared when I added a webpart onto my EditForm.

Planned updates for SPUtility.js 0.4

SPUtility.js version 0.4 should be getting released soon (week or so??). I wanted to put a quick post out there to highlight some of the upcoming features and fixes.

Autopopulate a SharePoint Form from URL (with SPUtility.js)

SPUtility.js is a library used to get/set SharePoint’s form fields. We can also use it autopopulate a Newform/Editform based on some URL parameters which are passed to the page!

Wrap ListViewWebPart Column Headers

I recently got asked if it was possible wrap the column headers in a list view web part. The user had a WebPart with quite a few columns with long names and was trying to prevent the page from scrolling left to right.