Autopopulate a SharePoint Form from URL

November 10, 2010 update: I’ve posted the sequel to this post: Autopopulate a SharePoint Form from URL (with SPUtility.js). I highly recommend checking out the new and improved way using SPUtility.js!

This post builds off of my previous post about making fields read only. In this case, I needed to autopopulate the NewForm.aspx with a value that gets passed to the form via URL parameters.

In this case, the URL that gets passed in is something like: /Lists/ProjectTasks/NewForm.aspx?projectID=523

I wanted to take the projectID URL parameter and autopopulate my Project ID field with this value.

Additionally, we will make this field Read Only so that they can’t change the value. Lastly, do this all without SharePoint designer or C# code.

Stick the following code in a Content Editor on your NewForm.aspx or EditForm.aspx. (Remember you can get to edit mode by appending ToolPaneView=2 on the end, like NewForm.aspx?ToolPaneView=2)

<script type="text/javascript">
function CustomExecuteFunction() {
  AutopopulateInputFromURL('Project ID','projectID');

function AutopopulateInputFromURL(title,queryParamName) {
  var inputs = $$('input[title="' + title + '"]');
  if (null != inputs && inputs.length == 1) {
    var input = inputs[];
    var queryParams = location.href.toQueryParams();
    if (queryParams != null && queryParams[queryParamName] != null) {
      var label = "" + input.getValue() + "";
      Element.insert(input, {before: label});


Depends on Prototype.js.