Filtering a SharePoint list by Workflow Status

The most recent problem I ran into was when I tried to filter out items that had a  certain Workflow status in the list. More specifically, I was trying to filter on items that had errored out and had a status of “Error Occurred” in the list.

My first thought was to try to filter based on the text. Using a contains didn’t work; I got a message about you can only use a contains on Single line of text, Multiple line of text, or Choice fields.

The solution is to filter based on the integer value:

Workflow Status List Filter

Listed below are the other values in the enum that you can use for the various states.

public enum SPWorkflowStatus
    NotStarted = 0,
    FailedOnStart = 1,
    InProgress = 2,
    ErrorOccurred = 3,
    StoppedByUser = 4,
    Completed = 5,
    FailedOnStartRetrying = 6,
    ErrorOccurredRetrying = 7,
    ViewQueryOverflow = 8,
    Max = 15,