Tinkers' Construct Cheat Sheet

Tinkers’ Construct is a mod for Minecraft.

Tinkers’ Construct Materials

The following materials are what you use to build your tools.

Name Durability Handle Modifier Full Tool Durability Mining Speed Mining Level Base Attack Material Trait
Blue Slime 1200 2.0x 2400 1.5 0 (Stone) 0 Hearts Slimy
Green Slime 750 1.5x 500 1.5 0 (Stone) 0 Hearts Slimy
Paper 30 0.3x 9 2.0 0 (Stone) 0 Hearts Writable
Bone 200 1.0x 200 4.0 1 (Iron) 0.5 Hearts
Cactus 150 1.0x 150 5.0 1 (Iron) 1 Heart Jagged 1
Copper 180 1.15x 207 5.0 1 (Iron) 1 Heart
Stone 131 0.5x 65 4.0 1 (Iron) 0.5 Hearts Stonebound 1
Flint 171 0.7x 119 5.25 1 (Iron) 1 Heart
Wood 97 1.0x 97 3.5 1 (Iron) 0 Hearts
Bronze (alloy of copper and tin) 550 1.3x 715 8.0 2 (Redstone) 1 Heart Reinforced 1
Iron (ore) 250 1.3x 325 6.0 2 (Redstone) 1 Heart Reinforced 1
Netherrack 131 1.2x 157 4.0 2 (Redstone) 0.5 Hearts Stonebound 1
Obsidian 89 0.8x 71 7.0 3 (Obsidian) 1 Heart Reinforced 3
Pig Iron (alloy of emerald, iron, and blood) 250 1.3x 325 6.0 3 (Obsidian) 1 Heart Tasty Reinforced 1
Alumite (alloy of obsidian, aluminum, and iron) 700 1.3x 909 8.0 4 (Cobalt) 1.5 Hearts Reinforced 2
Ardite (ore from the nether) 500 2.0x 1000 8.0 4 (Cobalt) 1.5 Hearts Stonebound 2
Cobalt (ore from ??) 800 1.75x 1400 14.0 4 (Cobalt) 1.5 Hearts Reinforced 2
Steel (from melting down chainmail armor) 750 1.3x 750 10.0 4 (Cobalt) 2 Hearts Reinforced 2
Manyullyn (alloy of cobalt and ardite) 1200 2.5x 3000 9.0 5 (Manyullyn) 2 Hearts
  • Reinforced: 10% chance per level of not using durability.
  • Stonebound:┬áThe tool mines faster as it wears out, but does less damage.
  • Jagged: The tool does more damage as it wears out, but mines slower.
  • Writable: One extra modifier per piece.
  • Tasty: Sometimes drops food items.
  • Slimy: Randomly spawns small slimes.

Tinkers’ Construct Alloys

By combining different metals inside the Smeltery, you can create alloys.

Name Recipe Notes
Molten Obsidian 1000 mB lava 1000 mB water 1 bucket water 1 bucket lava (can put them in a seared tank and pump them in)
Molten Alumite 32 mB Molten Obsidian 32 mB Molten Iron 80 mB Molten Aluminum 1 block of obsidian, 1 iron ore, 3 aluminum = 3 alumite ingots + 1 aluminum ingot
Molten Bronze 16 mB Molten Tin 48 mB Molten Copper
Molten Aluminum Brass 48 mB Molten Aluminum 16 mB Molten Copper
Molten Manyullyn 16 mB Molten Cobalt 16 mB Molten Ardite
Molten Glass Can melt down sand or other glass things
Molten Invar 144 mB Molten Nickel (melt down some Ferrous Ore) 288 mB Molten Iron
Molten Electrum 144 mB Molten Gold 144 mB Molten Silver
Molten Pig Iron 16 mB Molten Iron 640 mB Liquified Emerald 80 mB Blood

Tinkers’ Construct Effects

Using the Tool Station, you can add modifiers to your tools after you’ve built them.

Name Effect Notes
Diamond 500 Extra Durability Mining Level increased to level 3 Single use Not stackable
Emerald 50% more durability Mining level increased to level 2 Single use Not stackable
Redstone Increases mining speed (every dust gives .08) Multi-use Stackable Not useful on weapons
Ball of Moss Durability regenerates automatically Single use Stackable Sunlight speeds up the regeneration
Lava Crystal Smelts block automatically when it is harvested Sets mobs on fire for 3 seconds Multi-use Not stackable Stacks with Luck Not compatible with Silky
Lapis Lazuli Luck (adds "Fortune" or "Looting" depending on the tool type) Single-use Not stackable Not compatible with Silky
Quartz Sharpness (increases attack damage) Multi-use Stackable
Blaze Powder Sets enemies on fire Every 5 powder adds another second to the flame Multi-use Stackable
Wither Skeleton Bone Heals the player every time a monster is attacked Heals one heart per bone Single-use Stackable
Silky Jewel Silky (block is harvested directly) Single-use Not stackable Not compatible with Luck or Auto-Smelt
Obsidian Plate Reinforced (adds durability) Single-use Stackable Stacks with previous levels of Reinforced
Piston Knockback Multi-use Stackable (first level stack 10 pistons)
Ender Pearl + Obsidian Beheading (enemies drop their heads) Single-use Stackable
Spider Eye Bane of Arthropods (extra damage to spiders) Multi-use Stackable Adds 1-2 hearts of damage per level
Consecrated Soil Smite (extra damage to undead) Multi-use Stackable (first level stack 36 consecrated soil) Adds 1-2 hearts of damage per level
Hardened Flux Capacitor or Leadstone Energy Cell (with Thermal Expansion mod) Tool can be charged with Redstone Flux Energy is used instead of durability Single-use Not stackable
Block of gold + diamond Adds an additional modifier slot Single-use Not stackable
Golden Apple + Block of Diamond Adds an additional modifier slot Single-use Not stackable
Nether Star Adds an additional modifier slot Single-use Not stackable